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./aip/1.8aipmod/include/IGUIFontBitmap.h :

// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Nikolaus Gebhardt

// This file is part of the "Irrlicht Engine".

// For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in irrlicht.h


#include "IGUIFont.h"

namespace irr
namespace gui
	class IGUISpriteBank;

//! Font interface.

class IGUIFontBitmap : public IGUIFont

	//! Returns the type of this font

	virtual EGUI_FONT_TYPE getType() const { return EGFT_BITMAP; }

	//! returns the parsed Symbol Information

	virtual IGUISpriteBank* getSpriteBank() const = 0;

	//! returns the sprite number from a given character

	virtual u32 getSpriteNoFromChar(const wchar_t *c) const = 0;

	//! Gets kerning values (distance between letters) for the font. If no parameters are provided,

	/** the global kerning distance is returned.
	\param thisLetter: If this parameter is provided, the left side kerning for this letter is added
	to the global kerning value. For example, a space might only be one pixel wide, but it may
	be displayed as several pixels.
	\param previousLetter: If provided, kerning is calculated for both letters and added to the global
	kerning value. For example, EGFT_BITMAP will add the right kerning value of previousLetter to the
	left side kerning value of thisLetter, then add the global value.
	virtual s32 getKerningWidth(const wchar_t* thisLetter=0, const wchar_t* previousLetter=0) const = 0;

} // end namespace gui

} // end namespace irr


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