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./aip/1.8aipmod/include/ISkinnedMesh.h :

// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Nikolaus Gebhardt

// This file is part of the "Irrlicht Engine".

// For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in irrlicht.h


#include "irrArray.h"
#include "IBoneSceneNode.h"
#include "IAnimatedMesh.h"
#include "SSkinMeshBuffer.h"

namespace irr
namespace scene

		// constant does use the current key-values without interpolation


		// linear interpolation


		//! count of all available interpolation modes


	//! Interface for using some special functions of Skinned meshes

	class ISkinnedMesh : public IAnimatedMesh

		//! Gets joint count.

		/** \return Amount of joints in the skeletal animated mesh. */
		virtual u32 getJointCount() const = 0;

		//! Gets the name of a joint.

		/** \param number: Zero based index of joint. The last joint
		has the number getJointCount()-1;
		\return Name of joint and null if an error happened. */
		virtual const c8* getJointName(u32 number) const = 0;

		//! Gets a joint number from its name

		/** \param name: Name of the joint.
		\return Number of the joint or -1 if not found. */
		virtual s32 getJointNumber(const c8* name) const = 0;

		//! Use animation from another mesh

		/** The animation is linked (not copied) based on joint names
		so make sure they are unique.
		\return True if all joints in this mesh were
		matched up (empty names will not be matched, and it's case
		sensitive). Unmatched joints will not be animated. */
		virtual bool useAnimationFrom(const ISkinnedMesh *mesh) = 0;

		//! Update Normals when Animating

		/** \param on If false don't animate, which is faster.
		Else update normals, which allows for proper lighting of
		animated meshes. */
		virtual void updateNormalsWhenAnimating(bool on) = 0;

		//! Sets Interpolation Mode

		virtual void setInterpolationMode(E_INTERPOLATION_MODE mode) = 0;

		//! Animates this mesh's joints based on frame input

		virtual void animateMesh(f32 frame, f32 blend)=0;

		//! Preforms a software skin on this mesh based of joint positions

		virtual void skinMesh() = 0;

		//! converts the vertex type of all meshbuffers to tangents.

		/** E.g. used for bump mapping. */
		virtual void convertMeshToTangents() = 0;

		//! Allows to enable hardware skinning.

		/* This feature is not implementated in Irrlicht yet */
		virtual bool setHardwareSkinning(bool on) = 0;

		//! A vertex weight

		struct SWeight
			//! Index of the mesh buffer

			u16 buffer_id; //I doubt 32bits is needed

			//! Index of the vertex

			u32 vertex_id; //Store global ID here

			//! Weight Strength/Percentage (0-1)

			f32 strength;

			//! Internal members used by CSkinnedMesh

			friend class CSkinnedMesh;
			bool *Moved;
			core::vector3df StaticPos;
			core::vector3df StaticNormal;

		//! Animation keyframe which describes a new position

		struct SPositionKey
			f32 frame;
			core::vector3df position;

		//! Animation keyframe which describes a new scale

		struct SScaleKey
			f32 frame;
			core::vector3df scale;

		//! Animation keyframe which describes a new rotation

		struct SRotationKey
			f32 frame;
			core::quaternion rotation;

		//! Joints

		struct SJoint
			SJoint() : UseAnimationFrom(0), LocalAnimatedMatrix_Animated(false), GlobalSkinningSpace(false),

			//! The name of this joint

			core::stringc Name;

			//! Local matrix of this joint

			core::matrix4 LocalMatrix;

			//! List of child joints

			core::array<SJoint*> Children;

			//! List of attached meshes

			core::array<u32> AttachedMeshes;

			//! Animation keys causing translation change

			core::array<SPositionKey> PositionKeys;

			//! Animation keys causing scale change

			core::array<SScaleKey> ScaleKeys;

			//! Animation keys causing rotation change

			core::array<SRotationKey> RotationKeys;

			//! Skin weights

			core::array<SWeight> Weights;

			//! Unnecessary for loaders, will be overwritten on finalize

			core::matrix4 GlobalMatrix;
			core::matrix4 GlobalAnimatedMatrix;
			core::matrix4 LocalAnimatedMatrix;
			core::vector3df Animatedposition;
			core::vector3df Animatedscale;
			core::quaternion Animatedrotation;

			core::matrix4 GlobalInversedMatrix; //the x format pre-calculates this

			//! Internal members used by CSkinnedMesh

			friend class CSkinnedMesh;

			SJoint *UseAnimationFrom;
			bool LocalAnimatedMatrix_Animated;

			bool GlobalSkinningSpace;

			s32 positionHint;
			s32 scaleHint;
			s32 rotationHint;

		//Interface for the mesh loaders (finalize should lock these functions, and they should have some prefix like loader_

		//these functions will use the needed arrays, set values, etc to help the loaders

		//! exposed for loaders: to add mesh buffers

		virtual core::array<SSkinMeshBuffer*>& getMeshBuffers() = 0;

		//! exposed for loaders: joints list

		virtual core::array<SJoint*>& getAllJoints() = 0;

		//! exposed for loaders: joints list

		virtual const core::array<SJoint*>& getAllJoints() const = 0;

		//! loaders should call this after populating the mesh

		virtual void finalize() = 0;

		//! Adds a new meshbuffer to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SSkinMeshBuffer* addMeshBuffer() = 0;

		//! Adds a new joint to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SJoint* addJoint(SJoint *parent=0) = 0;

		//! Adds a new weight to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SWeight* addWeight(SJoint *joint) = 0;

		//! Adds a new position key to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SPositionKey* addPositionKey(SJoint *joint) = 0;
		//! Adds a new scale key to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SScaleKey* addScaleKey(SJoint *joint) = 0;
		//! Adds a new rotation key to the mesh, access it as last one

		virtual SRotationKey* addRotationKey(SJoint *joint) = 0;

		//! Check if the mesh is non-animated

		virtual bool isStatic()=0;

} // end namespace scene

} // end namespace irr


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