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./aip/1.8aipmod/include/IMeshLoader.h :

// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Nikolaus Gebhardt

// This file is part of the "Irrlicht Engine".

// For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in irrlicht.h


#include "IReferenceCounted.h"
#include "path.h"

namespace irr
namespace io
	class IReadFile;
} // end namespace io

namespace scene
	class IAnimatedMesh;

//! Class which is able to load an animated mesh from a file.

/** If you want Irrlicht be able to load meshes of
currently unsupported file formats (e.g. .cob), then implement
this and add your new Meshloader with
ISceneManager::addExternalMeshLoader() to the engine. */
class IMeshLoader : public virtual IReferenceCounted

	//! Destructor

	virtual ~IMeshLoader() {}

	//! Returns true if the file might be loaded by this class.

	/** This decision should be based on the file extension (e.g. ".cob")
	\param filename Name of the file to test.
	\return True if the file might be loaded by this class. */
	virtual bool isALoadableFileExtension(const io::path& filename) const = 0;

	//! Creates/loads an animated mesh from the file.

	/** \param file File handler to load the file from.
	\return Pointer to the created mesh. Returns 0 if loading failed.
	If you no longer need the mesh, you should call IAnimatedMesh::drop().
	See IReferenceCounted::drop() for more information. */
	virtual IAnimatedMesh* createMesh(io::IReadFile* file) = 0;

} // end namespace scene

} // end namespace irr


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