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./aip/1.8aipmod/include/IGUIEditBox.h :

// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Nikolaus Gebhardt

// This file is part of the "Irrlicht Engine".

// For conditions of distribution and use, see copyright notice in irrlicht.h


#include "IGUIElement.h"
#include "SColor.h"

namespace irr
namespace gui
	class IGUIFont;

	//! Single line edit box for editing simple text.

	class IGUIEditBox : public IGUIElement

		//! constructor

		IGUIEditBox(IGUIEnvironment* environment, IGUIElement* parent, s32 id, core::rect<s32> rectangle)
			: IGUIElement(EGUIET_EDIT_BOX, environment, parent, id, rectangle) {}

		//! Sets another skin independent font.

		/** If this is set to zero, the button uses the font of the skin.
		\param font: New font to set. */
		virtual void setOverrideFont(IGUIFont* font=0) = 0;

		//! Sets another color for the text.

		/** If set, the edit box does not use the EGDC_BUTTON_TEXT color defined
		in the skin, but the set color instead. You don't need to call
		IGUIEditBox::enableOverrrideColor(true) after this, this is done
		by this function.
		If you set a color, and you want the text displayed with the color
		of the skin again, call IGUIEditBox::enableOverrideColor(false);
		\param color: New color of the text. */
		virtual void setOverrideColor(video::SColor color) = 0;

		//! Gets the override color

		virtual video::SColor const & getOverrideColor() const = 0;

		//! Sets if the text should use the override color or the color in the gui skin.

		/** \param enable: If set to true, the override color, which can be set
		with IGUIEditBox::setOverrideColor is used, otherwise the
		EGDC_BUTTON_TEXT color of the skin. */
		virtual void enableOverrideColor(bool enable) = 0;

		//! Checks if an override color is enabled

		/** \return true if the override color is enabled, false otherwise */
		virtual bool isOverrideColorEnabled(void) const = 0;

		//! Turns the border on or off

		/** \param border: true if you want the border to be drawn, false if not */
		virtual void setDrawBorder(bool border) = 0;

		//! Sets text justification mode

		/** \param horizontal: EGUIA_UPPERLEFT for left justified (default),
		EGUIA_LOWEERRIGHT for right justified, or EGUIA_CENTER for centered text.
		\param vertical: EGUIA_UPPERLEFT to align with top edge,
		EGUIA_LOWEERRIGHT for bottom edge, or EGUIA_CENTER for centered text (default). */
		virtual void setTextAlignment(EGUI_ALIGNMENT horizontal, EGUI_ALIGNMENT vertical) = 0;

		//! Enables or disables word wrap.

		/** \param enable: If set to true, words going over one line are
		broken to the next line. */
		virtual void setWordWrap(bool enable) = 0;

		//! Checks if word wrap is enabled

		/** \return true if word wrap is enabled, false otherwise */
		virtual bool isWordWrapEnabled() const = 0;

		//! Enables or disables newlines.

		/** \param enable: If set to true, the EGET_EDITBOX_ENTER event will not be fired,
		instead a newline character will be inserted. */
		virtual void setMultiLine(bool enable) = 0;

		//! Checks if multi line editing is enabled

		/** \return true if multi-line is enabled, false otherwise */
		virtual bool isMultiLineEnabled() const = 0;

		//! Enables or disables automatic scrolling with cursor position

		/** \param enable: If set to true, the text will move around with the cursor position */
		virtual void setAutoScroll(bool enable) = 0;

		//! Checks to see if automatic scrolling is enabled

		/** \return true if automatic scrolling is enabled, false if not */
		virtual bool isAutoScrollEnabled() const = 0;

		//! Sets whether the edit box is a password box. Setting this to true will

		/** disable MultiLine, WordWrap and the ability to copy with ctrl+c or ctrl+x
		\param passwordBox: true to enable password, false to disable
		\param passwordChar: the character that is displayed instead of letters */
		virtual void setPasswordBox(bool passwordBox, wchar_t passwordChar = L'*') = 0;

		//! Returns true if the edit box is currently a password box.

		virtual bool isPasswordBox() const = 0;

		//! Gets the size area of the text in the edit box

		/** \return The size in pixels of the text */
		virtual core::dimension2du getTextDimension() = 0;

		//! Sets the maximum amount of characters which may be entered in the box.

		/** \param max: Maximum amount of characters. If 0, the character amount is
		infinity. */
		virtual void setMax(u32 max) = 0;

		//! Returns maximum amount of characters, previously set by setMax();

		virtual u32 getMax() const = 0;

} // end namespace gui

} // end namespace irr


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